Training Camp

Yellow Lab Stony by pond at Jabula Dog AcademyThis program is customized to each individual dog.  We deal with anything from puppy training and basic obedience to a myriad of behavioral issues.  Training camp is a great option if you do not have the time to invest in six week course, if your dog’s behavioral issues require a professional’s help, or if you want to accomplish training while you are away traveling.

Board Training dogs get to come stay at the Jabula Farm!  There is nothing quite like fresh farm air, wide-open spaces, and getting in the dirt (baths can be requested before coming home, of course). The Jabula Farm is situated on 11 acres in Loganville, GA. Caretakers live on the property and the dogs sleep in a converted barn that is heated and cooled. We encourage owners to bring their dog’s food, and treats from home to make the stay as comfortable as possible.

We have large fenced outdoor play areas where the dogs play and train in small groups determined by compatibility. Dogs are always supervised when outdoors during play and training sessions.

The average Board Training day consists of private training sessions where your dog’s specific formal training needs are met. Training sessions are conducted at both the farm and when a dog is ready, taken out on field trips in town.  Additionally, your pup receives general training throughout the day where manners and appropriate behavior are reinforced.  These general manners and behaviors always include but are not limited to waiting at doors, not jumping up, playing appropriately, and not barking excessively. Three little dogs on a place board

As your dog’s training progresses, we train during play sessions to proof behavior with distractions.  While many places can offer the distractions of dogs playing nearby, the Jabula Farm pushes your dog to learn to focus in the midst of new levels of distraction. Most dogs have never seen horses, but these are part of the landscape of our Farm and perfect built-in distractions. If your dog can ignore these distractions,  then a walk down the sidewalk is no sweat!

Dogs learning to swim at The Jabula Dog Academy FarmThe Board Training program is a 14 day “Boot Camp” depending on your dogs’ individual training needs. The program includes daily private lessons, overnight boarding, one private lesson scheduled at the Academy the day of departure, one private lesson in your home within 7-10 days to make sure your dog’s training flows smoothly from farm to home and any troubleshooting that arises after training.  Our training package includes membership to the Unlimited class, designed to help assist you with any training issues for the rest of your dogs life.  All dogs completing the Board Training program are also welcome back thereafter to board at a cost of $45 a night.  During their boarding stay, all basic manners will again be reinforced, and owners can request “refresher” training days if they choose at an additional fee. Board/Train program is $2100 for 14 days, cost of training equipment is additional.

Puppies under 5 months old are eligible for Puppy Camp.  Puppies are required to be up to date on their shots as appropriate for their age.  Puppies  are kept separate from the general population due to their incomplete shots.  Each program is customized, based on your needs.  Typically we cover basic obedience, potty training, crate training, mouthing and chewing and all other puppy related issues.

Jabula requires a consultation, either at the Academy or in-home, to meet you and your dog. We like to make sure that we are a good fit for your dog as well as discuss training programs and expectations. The consultation and evaluation at the Academy is free while the consultation in your home comes with a fee of $85.