Dog Boarding

Dogs boarding at Jabula FarmOur training clients, whether they are group class graduates, private lesson gold stars, or boot camp alumnae, earn and enjoy the convenience of boarding at our Farm. Since we have history with your dog, we can appropriately mix them in the most positive play group environment based on their size and temperament.

Jabula Farm boarding accommodates dogs unable to use regular boarding and daycare facilities. We are equipped to handle dogs that do not play well with others or do better in very small groups. Even the most social dogs enjoy smaller play groups as we maintain a small play group size.

Jabula’s Farm Kennel operates daily from 7am until 9pm. Dogs are housed in our indoor heated and cooled kennel space in individual runs. Crates are available at owner’s request. The outdoor area is split into separate play areas to ensure plenty of outside space and playtime.

For dogs who love to swim, we are offering swim sessions through Summer in our salt water pool.  Your dog will get a trainer supervised 30 min swim session.  Pictures will be posted of your pups swim sessions.  See below for additional charge for this service.  This service is weather dependent.

Scout enjoying a walk during boarding

Most importantly, the same rules you learned during your training with Jabula are applied and maintained with your pup while they board with us. Every dog is required to sit/stay at doorways. No jumping up or excessive barking is allowed. Play groups are closely monitored to ensure appropriate play, and interrupted if play gets to rough. We are able to cater to special requests.

Boarding Pick up and Drop off Hours:

  • In-home service: Monday through Saturday, Noon to 3 pm, by appointment only.
  • Avondale Academy Office: Monday through Saturday, by appointment only.
  • Jabula Farm: Sunday through Saturday, 11am to 5pm, by appointment only.

Boarding Prerequisites:

  • Current or past training client
  • Valid proof of current shots (Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, Bordetella)
  • Current on tick and flea treatments

Boarding Cost:

  • $45/night
  • Second dog rate is $33/night
  • Additional dogs are $30/night
  • Brush up training days can be added at $65/night
  • Exit bath: $25
  • 30 min, trainer supervised swim session:  $25
  • Pick up and Drop off Service: $30 one way for locations inside the perimeter; Ask us about availability & pricing if your location is outside the perimeter

Online Boarding Reservations