Teach your dog not to jump on your guests

dogs learning good manners with guests with a treatHolidays are filled with festivities, visitors, and food! Our dogs love to be a part of the family celebration so we’ve included a few tips to help keep your pup better behaved with all the festive excitement.

Get a jar of Holiday Dog Cookies and leave them outside the front door for guests. Make a cute sign with instructions like Dog-in-training for the “Good List.” Ask my pup to sit for its reward. Leave a leash hanging at the door! When the doorbell rings, you can gain control of your excited dog by quickly clipping on the leash and stepping on it to prevent your dog from jumping up. Let’s keep those paws off the holiday sweaters! Be sure to hang the leash at the door guests use to enter your home. If your leash is in a different room, you are not likely to retrieve it before going to the door. Get into the Holiday Spirit and buy a holiday-themed leash to hang at the door!

Brush up on your dog’s “Place” skills before you start having visitors come over. To help your pup out initially, use a leash to tether your dog on their place. With all the holiday food and feast around to tempt your dog, having a strong “Place” will help encourage their impulse control. Feel free to give the office a ring to brush up on this skill before the holiday food starts arriving.
Take your pooch for a LONG walk before your guests arrive! A tired dog is less likely to get into trouble 😉