Why Jabula?

The Jabula Dog Academy trainers are certified dog trainers.  Not only do they have certifications as Canine Good Citizen Evaluators for the AKC, they are certified in Obedience Training through The Animal Behavioral College in California. More importantly they are certified as off leash Obedience and Aggression Specialist through Sit Means Sit Dog Training and No Limitations of Las Vegas NV.  Kate and Gill believe ongoing education is a vital part of expanding their knowledge and abilities to stay on the pulse of new techniques and methods.  They continue to participate in seminars and internships with renowned Canine Behavior and Aggression Experts like Sue Sternberg.  Kate and Gill believe in building relationships with other Atlanta area trainers to better build knowledge bases to further help dogs.  They work with a network of trainers on a weekly basis to build report and valuable relationships.  These relationships help in networking with rescue groups and organizations to better the lives of dogs and their new families.  They work with many rescue groups in temperament testing and making sure safe dogs are placed into the community.

Kate Jackson is the AJC’s “ask the Expert” and participates in daily questions and answers for owners with dog related behavioral problems.Kate Jackon holding puppy

Finding the right trainer

Certifications are very important, the more the better!  Ask when the certifications were awarded and ask about the trainers’ participation in ongoing education. The most important thing to ask for in a consultation is to see the trainers dogs perform!  Seeing the trainers dogs perform will give you a good idea of the trainers’ level of experience and expertise.  Look for enthusiastic, happy, obedient dogs that are enjoying what they are doing!  Always ask if the trainer has experience with the behavioral issue specific to your dog and if they have a recent client that would be happy to talk to you about there training experience.  A good, experienced trainer will happily allow you to observe training classes to get an idea of training techniques they use.  Ask around in your community at dog parks and dog daycare facilities to find out if people have had experiences with the training school you might be interviewing.

Meet Our Team:

Shelby Denham is our office manager.  Shelby is usually the first point of contact, and oversees the administrative side of Jabula.




We have a wonderful team of trainers.  Each has their specialties, and together we all work to meet your individual goals.


Kim Dowis

Alli Bennett